Listen up, if you want the low-down

about podcastingText is a popular medium online. It only requires a keyboard and wit (or not). Pictures and videos aren’t too labour or equipment-intensive either. The underdog of online media then, in my opinion, is the podcast. It appears music still dominates the mp3 market, but there are thousands of iPod-hours of free content out there on any imaginable topic. I think more people should be listening to podcasts and using them to get their message out to the people!

Some great business podcasts – especially for communicators – include For Immediate Release, the Trafcom News Podcast and Six Pixels of Separation (two of the three are Canadian, and I’m not even bound by Canadian content regulations!).

Give one (or all) of them a listen. They’re great for commutes to and from work. You never know, podcasts might just replace your favourite heavy-metal radio station. There’s so much original content available that you’d be sure to be entertained during a cross-Canada road-trip, let alone during your morning commute to the office. .

Audio is also a great medium to share your message with a wide audience. Canadian author and PR guy Terry Fallis grabbed the attention of fans when he podcast his first novel The Best Laid Plans. He is currently reading his second one, The High Road.

If you’re looking to start podcasting, it’s not too difficult. A quality mic from Future Shop or Best Buy is the first step. The second is downloading free audio editor Audacity and becoming acquainted with the controls.

The content is yours to decide. Podcasts range from business to technology to fiction to music. Pick a niche that you’re an expert in, and give it a shot. During my Master’s degree, I podcast a mini-series chronicling the research and writing of my final paper on PR crises. I even received comments in the form of audio files, which I included in the show.

Ultimately, it’s up to you where you  take it! Happy podcasting!

Michael Allison


~ by Wilcox Group Team on July 21, 2010.

One Response to “Listen up, if you want the low-down”

  1. Thanks for the mention! I would add the semi-Canadian Inside PR to the list.

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