The Reference Desk for June 29, 2010

Social media news

photo credit: guldfisken

Here are some interesting social media-related stories and links I came across during the past week.

  • The latest comScore numbers show Facebook and Twitter users spend 1.5 times more online than the average Internet user and 23% of Twitter users follow businesses to find deals, promotions or sales – via Brian Solis.
  • As expected, Twitter and Facebook were the places to be to get updates on the East Coast earthquake last week. By Wednesday evening, there were over 140,000 mentions of the quake on social media sites.
  • Interesting look at how the Boston Public Health Commission is using social media for crisis management and public health emergencies.
  • Sysomos has five key reasons why corporate social media fails.
  • Search Engine Watch has important reminders of how to control your privacy on social media sites.
  • Finally, the World Cup is looking to be the biggest event ever on social media. The opening day saw 12.1 million visitors per minute to news sites (from SFGate), while last Friday saw an all-time record 3,283 tweets per second. (from ESPN)

~ Jeff Voon

~ by Wilcox Group Team on June 29, 2010.

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