The future of Wilcox Group

After 15 years as one of Canada’s leading PR agencies, we’ve taken some time to evaluate the firm’s future. After much consideration, I’ve made the decision to close Wilcox Group on August 31, 2010. My priority now is to assist my team, who are an extraordinary and talented group, in finding new employment opportunities.

The communications and public relations landscape has changed more in the last few years than ever before, particularly with the emergence and influence of social media. We love working in social media – it’s a new and exciting frontier for communications and business – but the financial model to support this shift simply isn’t here yet.

So, it’s time for a change – for all of us.

We love our clients. We’re so lucky to have worked on incredibly dynamic projects over the past 15 years. The more unusual the situation or daunting the challenge was for us, the better.

We also love our team, and will be working hard to ensure that every single team member moves into a role that spotlights their talents, dedication and commitment. If you have an opening or know of one that might suit one of our team members, please let us know. We know that terrific, experienced candidates are hard to come by, and I guarantee you that we’ve got the best of the best to offer.

As for me, once the transition is complete, I plan to provide strategic consulting and project management services with a focus on crisis and issues management, mergers and acquisitions, strategic communications and social media.

Mat Wilcox


~ by Wilcox Group Team on June 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “The future of Wilcox Group”

  1. I haven’t worked with you but have heard great things about you. Congrats on taking control and making the right decision for your business.

  2. I’m a proud Wilcox Group alumni. The four years I spent working with Mat was the best school of PR possible. Lessons learned in business and working with intense clients provided a base I will never forget or under appreciate. Best wishes to everyone at Wilcox Group. I look forward to watching where the next chapter takes you.


  3. Hope the transition goes well. I have only heard great things about Wilcox Group!

  4. Wilcox Group was a great agency partner of mine several years ago. Quality people and a quality firm. It’s sad to see them leave the Vancouver landscape as they truly were a success story for independent PR shops to follow.

    If I know Mat, she’ll still be casting a very large shadow over the Canadian PR scene for many years to come.

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  6. […] on public relations, specifically in the wake of Canadian PR firm Wilcox Group closing shop. In a blog post, Mat Wilcox attributed the decision to the rise of social media and lack of a firm financial model […]

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