The Reference Desk for May 11, 2010

social media updates

photo credit: Stravinsky

One of my tasks as Research Specialist at Wilcox Group is to keep the team updated on what’s going on, what the hottest new trends are and what people are talking about in social media. It’s a lot of monitoring and keeping one eye open but tools such as Twitter and Google Alerts make this much easier than ever before.

I’m sure you might’ve come across these stories elsewhere but here are a few in one handy, click-friendly spot. Think of this as your weekly link dump of all that’s great in the wild world of social media.

  • If you noticed your Twitter followers were at zero yesterday – this was due to a bug allowing users to force anyone to follow them. The issue was soon resolved by Twitter. More at Geekosystem.
  • From GigaOM, Microsoft is working on a social media tracking tool called Spindex allowing users to access updates from a variety of social networks.
  • Via ReadWriteWeb, Sysomos is introducing a new product called Sysomos Audience which assigns value to individual site visitors, helping with social media ROI
  • Some good tips from Mashable on how to better optimize your Twitter profile page
  • Fast Company has this cool infographic showing Five Steps for Consumers Brands to Earn Social Currency
  • InformationWeek has some numbers about Twitter supporting the face it is about news. 54% of tweets are “headline” news and stories on Twitter have a short lifespan with 35% of tweets occurring within the first 10 minutes
  • Microsoft, Apple or Google are trying to build a Facebook for grownups -via ZDNet

Jeff Voon


~ by Wilcox Group Team on May 11, 2010.

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