Really, blog posts about nothing in particular [Really]

I love the word Really. You can say it a thousand different ways with a thousand different connotations, intonations and intimations. Really? (single eyebrow raise). Really! (shocked delight said with a higher pitch). Realllllly???? (I don’t believe a word you just said and I will never believe a word you say). Reeeeeeally??? (not real, fake actually). Really. (a closing statement, the final word). Really. (the truth). Really!! (really, you shouldn’t have done it). Really…(enjoyable)…

It's about nothing. Really!

So with “really” in mind, I decided to blog about things that make me say really. As a media junkie, most of my posts will probably focus on news from around the world. My topic might be the latest media buzz (really Tiger?), the state of the economy (really Goldman Sachs?) or the most recent social media item to catch my attention (REALLY love the iPad!). I’ll muse on headlines or public relations strategies that work (and those that really didn’t). I might talk about entrepreneurial strategies or just share my opinion. One thing’s for certain: I won’t write unless I REALLY have something to say.

So like Seinfeld – the TV show about nothing – my posts will be much the same. Stay tuned. Really.

Mat Wilcox


~ by Wilcox Group Team on May 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Really, blog posts about nothing in particular [Really]”

  1. Seriously? Seriously! …Seriously. No, really.

  2. Way to go Mat!
    I really liked it.

  3. You structure this like a joke post but you really (heh) hit on it with the last line, not including the kicker (heh).

    Post when you’ve really got something to say, not when you feel like you should post something. I know some people still believe in the post, post, post approach but I am more interested in reading a blog that updates sporadically but with compelling content than one that posts really often.

    Granted, this could just be retroactive justification for my own blog neglect. I’m really not sure.

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