What took us so long?

Our researcher extraordinaire, Jeff, broached the subject of blogging a few years ago. Every few months, he’d bring it up, and every few months, we’d say no. Why? A few honest reasons:

  1. We were on Twitter and thought it was a less-taxing, more effective way to communicate and share information.
  2. We didn’t have a burning desire to blog on a specific subject.
  3. We weren’t sure that anyone would read our blog.

    photo credit: teachandlearn

What’s changed? Well:

We love Twitter more than ever, but we’re finding that we have more and more to share, often running well beyond 140 characters.

We don’t have one specific subject that we want to blog about – we have a number of them. From grammar and writing to what raises our eyebrows and gives us pause (a feat!), to social media tools and platforms that interest us, we want to share our thoughts, or at least pass on the opinions of others. Best of all, our whole team is on board – this isn’t a one-person blog. It’s going to truly be an all-for-one effort. Better yet, in the true spirit of collaboration, we’d like to invite folks to blog as special guest stars on our site. Interested?

We’re still not sure that anyone will read our blog, but we have a few folks following us on Twitter and hope they – and, of course, you – will drop by from time to time to read our ramblings, leave a comment and offer a suggestion on what else they’d like to see (or not).

Erin McConnell


~ by Wilcox Group Team on May 3, 2010.

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